Thursday November 8, 2007

I got my hair cut today (for the first time since June, regrettably), and once again, I look like myself.  Because myself's hair is the lovechild of Anna Mae Wong, Louise Brooks, and Anna Wintour, and to pretend otherwise only leads to ill-advised styling accidents.
(while the salon guy was working on me, he made the comment that I have "a baby's hair".  Yes, I do have straight, fine hair.  But is "baby hair" a compliment or an insult?)

I came home, and with the blondish tips (damn you, summer sunlight on Lake Michigan!) removed, the roots of my normal hair vs. summer sun exposure hair were damnably obvious.  So, as any logical girl that lives next to a CVS would do, I went and purchased some dye.

Except Garnier's "dark brown" seems to have becomes "jesus christ that's pitch-fucking-black!", aka "you are now Snow White's stand-in".


Hey, what's up with the gloves, you say?
I saw this gorgeous shot on LadyLessons and decided to dedicate my week to stalking ebay for elbow-length leather gloves.  And oh, the packages I got this week!
(grey v-neck sweater over long black tank, leather gloves, jeans, and unseen black leather stiletto boots.)

Today's outfit does not live up to the awesomeness of the gloves, I'm afraid, but I plan to rock them out with a vintage silk dress in the very near future.  And gesture wildly all night while doing so.

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