Tuesday November 13, 2007

Wanted:  perfect slim, crewneck, washable cardigans in black, dark grey, and navy blue.

For such a preppy staple, it's insanely and inexplicably hard to procure.  Banana Republic?  Gap?  J Crew?  The Limited?  Target?  (oh, and I know that there are cashmere cardigans out in the world, but the point is to not spend $200 on a sweater that I've got to shell out to dryclean as well.)

Everyone seems to make a cardigan... with sparkly buttons and a v-neck and leopard print.  I'm going to park myself in Mustardseed after class tomorrow until someone comes in with a stack of perfect cotton/wool blend sweaters.  And then I will sucker-punch them and run off with an armful of cardigans.

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