Tuesday November 6, 2007

I completely misread this AP headline as “Italy Breaks Up With European Terror Cell”.
What, did the terrorists forget your birthday?  Were they rude to your mom?  Ohmygod, Chem class is going to be soooo awkward now that The Terrorists aren’t dating Italy any more.  Are we going to have to choose new lab partners so they don’t have to work on the inert gases project together?
Hey, you know what I did not miss at all about being in school?  The midnight freakouts of ‘I’m going to get a C in this class and then my GPA will go down and then I will lose my scholarships and then I will have to drop out of school and then my life will be ruined and I’ll just be a secretary/waitress/prostitute for the rest of my life’.  Especially now that those freakouts are accompanied by the knowledge that I will be taking math-heavy classes for the next seven quarters to get this damn MBA, and that each and every quarter I will be holding my breath when grades are posted, hoping that I will both pass the class and keep my scholarship.  Wow, that’s fun.  I must be really pleasant to live with.  Sorry, Noah.
There are some things in my life that do not cause hyperventilation and slamming down of heavy textbooks that send the cat careening under the bed, and chief among those things are:
Friday night’s opening party at the CAC.  In light of last weekend’s utterly shit gallery opening, I am politely requesting that the Odita opening kick major ass to make up for my art-opening disappointments.  Also, it is an excuse to wear a pretty pretty dress and pretend to be important.
Saturday night’s dinner reservation w the parents at Boi Na Braza.  Yes, I know it’s a chain, and yes, I know it’s a glorified buffet.  However, the words “all you can eat chorizo” are magic words.

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