Monday December 3, 2007

PWNED, bitches.
I've been lusting after this over-the-knee flat boot for a few weeks now, but although DSW had it on sale in my size (godDAMN you, DSW, why must you rock so hard?), they only stocked it in black and brown.
Do I need yet another pair of black boots for $90?  Of course not.  But grey- I totally could justify shelling out for grey boots.  The Chinese Laundry website indicated that they'd be available after December 7th in grey, but just because I'm picky and rather anal-retentive, I've been checking their website each day just to make sure they didn't come in early.
And today!  I click over to the boots, and although there is no photo as of yet, the pretty sexy slouchy suede boots were there, in grey, in my size!  No deliberations necessary- those boots are en route.  And I am nervously checking my bank balance, as student loans will run out very soon, and yet I'm still mid-stalk of another Kara Janx wrap dress on ebay, along with a new listing for the Marc Jacobs cuff watch snapped out of my clutches last week at the final moment.
kj & mj
Yeah, I might starve to death, but I'll look faaaaabulous doing it.  I have priorities.

I'm in no real danger of starving to death, frankly- I've consumed a year's worth of sausage and other assorted pork products over the last four days, topped off by my white-trashy special beer cheese soup (Velveeta + cream of mushroom + beer + worcestershire sauce) last night, followed by what might have been an entire six-pack of beer at C's.  I swear, I got up from her couch, and in the process of standing, I knocked over four empty beer bottles that had migrated to my feet.  Oops.  Forgot I'd drank all those already.
Ostensibly, I've decided to forego the rest of the bacon and the leftover Velveeta and the butter in the fridge and choose to eat foods that do not leave grease stains on my pants.  I say "ostensibly", because I have a Stats final on Thursday night, and while making flashcards tonight (how very middle-school of me) I unthinkingly ate half a giant bag o chips.  And inevitably, there will be post-final celebratory drinking from Thursday night on through the next week.  I'm going to have to start running far more than three miles at a time if I plan to be able to zip any jeans by my birthday.
(But shoes:  I will never get too chubby for shoes.  Shoes are
forgiving like that.)

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