Saturday December 15, 2007

What. the. fuck., Duncan Hines.  You KNOW that my specialty cake, the to-swoon-over cake, the cake that has made me famous in certain circles, is a double-layer hazelnut cake with salty caramel frosting.  WHY would you then go out and create your own jarred, over-sweet, commercially available caramel frosting?  Now any bitch with a cake mix can be a pretender to the awesome caramel frosting throne, but I will not take this challenge lightly.  Oh no.  I will tweak my caramel frosting recipe (note:  mine is made by caramelizing real sugar and going from there, not by adding "caramel flavor" to a generic overprocessed and overstabilized buttercream like sooooome frostings one can purchae at the grocery store) until caramel dominance is mine.

Ok, secondary caramel dominance, as we all know that my recipe is totally a riff on the brilliant Adrienne Odom's pastry wonderfulness.

In completely unrelated news, I am now the owner of a gorgeous vintage fur Dior cloche.  It's been calling my name from the Mustardseed window for weeks now, and I caved today and bought it.  I'll have Noah take a photo of me being all flirty and coy in the hat and show it off to you soon, I swear.

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