Sunday December 30, 2007

A sample schedule for the short week I spent at my parents' house over the holidays:

noon: wake up
noon-thirty:  finish breakfast of almond & chocolate toffee and peanut-butter cookies with tea; justify this as being healthy due to ginseng in tea.
12:45: commandeer computer for purpose of "work"
3:30: leave perch at computer to volunteer for trip to Target, secure in the knowledge that this expedition could result in both a stop at Starbucks and possibly some Target clearance treats.
4:30: make more tea, sit down for two+ hours of Law & Order.  Have lunch of chocolate cookies, chocolate drops, and more toffee.
7:00: open bottle of wine for dinner.  Parents rarely drink, therefore they purchase "semi-sweet table wine", which is alcoholic koolaid.
7:20: finish first serving of steak, shrimp, giant bowl of pasta, and small handful of virtuous vegetables.  Finish boozy koolaid.  Open bottle of dessert wine.
7:45: stumble upon leftover bread pudding in fridge.  Insist that the holidays call for dessert with every meal.
8:00: more Law & Order, more healthy ginseng tea.
9:50: oooh, nachos would be a really good idea.
10:10:  nachos go really well with beer.
1:05: promise self that I will only check email before bed and not obsessively refresh pages looking for the first appearance of holiday cashmere clearance.
2:50: contacts are drying out under the welcoming glow of the computer, time for bed.

All day, every day:  curse lack of cellphone reception.  Curse lack of motivation to use treadmill in basement.  Curse self for not using ice skates in garage to take an energizing spin around the lake.
Marvel that new grey Citizens received as Christmas present still fit. 

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