Thursday December 13, 2007

I generally go shopping with a very specific piece in mind- sleeve length, material, color, cut, the whole thing.  Certainly, I must've seen such a dress/coat/shoe somewhere, because these designs would not just jump into my head, now would they?  Except that naturally, these pieces do not exist in the wild. 
Such as:  since September, I have craved a navy blue satiny/silky tie-neck sleeveless blouse with a banded waist and blousy body.  And this does not exist goddamn anywhere.  I'd go for a halter-neck, a high neck... except that no one has produced this for me yet.

Last weekend, somewhere on a untraceable trail of links, I came across a similar blouse by Tulle Clothing- except Tulle Clothing does not have a website, and all their major online third-party retailers are not the site I saw, and do not have the girly, dolled-up blouse that could make me look like a put-together grownup.
This is clearly a sign that the internet hates me.

(I love the word "blouse".)

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