Wednesday December 26, 2007

As I have nothing but time, here in the great expanse of parking lots that is Kearney, I decided to make my hairstylist proud and actually, y'know, style my hair this morning.  I figured that not too much damage could really be inflicted by the hot rollers, as my hair is stick-straight and fine and would really rather just lay there than curl. 
Wow, hot-rollering my hair to achieve a vaguely wavy, textur-y look was a bad idea.  A bad enough idea that I spent the next 15 minutes with water and a comb, flattening my hair into its normal state of submissiveness. 
My hair + curls = bad idea.
And no, no photos will be provided to prove this equation.

Also, thrifting (I would call it "vintageing", but really, Goodwill is not vintage.) in Kearney is far more disappointing than I had remembered.  Even Salvation Army, my secret weapon of high-school disco-queen outfits, is now reduced to two racks of winter jackets from 1986 and some Wranglers with a 38" waist.  Goodwill did have a rather nice faux-fur 3/4 length swing coat with a portrait collar, but once on, the marked size of "Ladies' 8" turned out to be, presumably, "Ladies' 18", as I could've fit my mother inside the coat with me.  There is a difference between a swing coat and a tent, and this particular item did not make that distinction.

To come:  photos of the best visual example of more-money-than-taste.  I took photos today of an 8-foot bronze statue found in the front yard of one Nebraska family.  Formerly a statue of their three children climbing a soaring eagle, the family seems to have had a fourth child and had the statue altered to include a new, almost life-size representation of their youngest. 
I promise, it's even worse than it sounds.

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