Friday January 18, 2008

Background:  our downstairs neighbor has a habit of doing opera warm-ups and bits and pieces of arias and such.  I find this totally charming, especially as he's courteous and never goes into his scales late at night.  Neither I nor Noah has ever actually seen this downstairs neighbor, and so while I picture him as very burly and bearish, Noah assumes he looks something like Woody Allen. 

Tonight, in a further effort to prove that we are both adolescent boys, Noah and I had the following conversation:
(me) "What if he's not actually an opera singer at all, but is getting into the lucrative world of opera-themed porn?"
(Noah) "Baritone Butt-Boy!"
(me) "The Three Tenors, Live and In My Ass!"
(Noah) "The Three Tenders!"

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