Friday January 25, 2008

I haaaaate washing my bras.  I do it by hand because I do not trust the washing machine to not warp or shred ("You don't put a bra in the dryer!  It warps!"), but I am not happy about it.  I hate it so much that I put this chore off until the very last possible day (and I own something like 29 bras, so yeah, I always put it off for a very long time), and then I resign myself to washing them all at once and just getting it done.
This involves cleaning the bathtub so any scummy bits stuck to the tub don't get transferred to my underthings, filling the tub with warm water and baby detergent (far cheaper than Woolite, and just as gentle!), and dumping in armload of bras.  And then this has exhausted me so that I'm in need of a restorative cup of tea, or a cocktail, or a nap.  And I let the bras sit in the soapy water for much longer than necessary, and I sometimes forget about this for a few hours, but I write this off as "extra-clean time" and not as "maybe rusting all my underwires time".

Then, the part I hate the most:  the rinsing and the drying.  There is nowhere comfortable to sit that allows me to fish each bra out of the bathtub and rinse each one individually under cold water until the bra is soap-free and my hands are numb, so I end up perching on the rim of the tub or kneeling on the tile floor, depending on whether or not I want to have an achy back or sore knees.  Generally I'd hang all the bras over the shower rods on a towel, but this impedes the taking of showers, so I've begun removing the cat from her favorite perch on our bench and creating a half-assed drying rack with bathtowels and mounds of sopping dainties.  And they have to sit on this bench for a few days because there's really not that much airflow, which means that A: the cat is angry, because she's denied her perch for longer than she feels is necessary, and B:  we cannot have people over, because the main design feature of our tiny studio apartment has become the giant pile of bras immediately to the left of the door.  It's very classy.

Is there a better way to wash delicate things?  I don't want to maim them in a washing machine, but goddamn, I'm a fragile flower that should not be subjected to the rigors of hand-washing and rinsing several dozen awkwardly-shaped items of underwear.

Also, I want a spray yoga mat cleaner that disinfects and makes good-smelling but does not require me to actually take the time to wipe down the mat.  Does such a thing exist, or should I just suck up the fifteen seconds of my life to use a paper towel on my rubber mat?

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