Monday January 14, 2008

Was the orange & white headscarf today maaaaybe influenced by Blake Lively's orange & white scarf on Gossip Girl this week?  Perhaps.  I will say it's no coincidence that I happend to watch that video yesterday, and wear this today. 
However, I will also say that when your hard drive is full and you're frantically transferring files to random flash drives as a stopgap before the new external hard drive arrives from Apple (thanks, FedEx guy!) and suddenly you realize that your entire 2008 budget spreadsheet is gone and un-retrievable, and that your 14 days worth of detail-heavy spreadsheet maintenance are forever lost, YOU might want to wear a kicky orange scarf, too.

(Orange & white vintage headscarf, grey Old Navy longsleeved t-shirt, black cashmere cardigan with sparkle buttons, old jeans I had altered to be less flare-y, black boots, my usual assortment of jewelry.)

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