Monday January 28, 2008

You know what's rather hard for me to do?  Force myself to put together an ensemble involving a color other than black, grey, or navy at 7 am.  And 7 am was, unfortunately, the hour at which I had to get dressed for an early-ass meeting with another faculty candidate. 
Confession:  I was flickr-ing (gaaaaawd, I should really update my Flickr page!) through Wardrobe Remix and ran across a fabulous citrus yellow & grey outfit, which I stored in my head as a Great Idea.  And when I found this mustard yellow sweater for cheap, I had to grab it and immediately put it on with my grey skirt.  Thanks for the inspiration, Amber in Norfolk.

(lighting not so great.  argh.)

Mustard yellow deep-V sweater (from Forever 21:  so cheap in many ways) over old black tank, baby blue Matt & Nat Jorja Fox bag with all my notebooks and such, black lizard MJ cuff watch, asphalt high-waisted American Apparel pencil skirt, black tights, black flat Born boots.

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