Sunday January 13, 2008

Stop Dressing Like an Undergrad, it's your pre-birthday cocktail party!
Yeah, sorry about that mirror flash.  Oops.
Taken pre-guest arrival for last night's Almost My Birthday party:  black/pink Kara Janx wrap dress, black patent peep-toes. 

On to the real event:  I utterly neglected to commemorate any of my cooking projects, but there was a mound of goug
ères, a massive tray of five-spice glazed meatballs, a few honey financiers (the recipe promised me 3 dozen pastries, and I ended up with 18, somehow), and as a last-minute addition to dessert, some dark chocolate-dipped dried apricots.  And lots and lots of cava (thanks to Trader Joe's house cava and 10% case discount) shoved into the ice-filled kitchen sink.  The cava is to blame for both the slightly hypnotized look on my face in later photos, and my inability to leave the bed before noon today.

I didn't even realize that all three of these guys were wearing striped shirts until I uploaded the photo today.  

I looooooove Niblack's dress.  And that she's trying to grab Mark's ass.

So clearly taken at the end of the night.  (See:  lack of lipgloss.)
Why is my glass mostly empty?

Erika & I, just before heading to the bar down the street to finish the evening.

I didn't bother to grab my camera until many guests had departed, so what you're not seeing in these photos is the makeshift bar, the Awkward Turtle Dance, the cat pointedly ignoring all guests, the Hedwig geekout between Tyler and myself, and the bookshelf scrutiny that occured- including my explanation of why Kissinger is better represented in our collection than Didion.

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