Tuesday January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve outfit, photo taken at 1:30 am.  (I swear, at one point in the evening, I had both lipstick on and presentable hair.  That point was clearly not 1:30.)  I tried to find a way to work opera-length gloves and my new fur hat into the ensemble, but it just wasn't working.
(black accordion-pleat dress from H&M, new Marc Jacobs watch, new grey over-the-knee boots from Chinese Laundry)
And did I specifically go for the empire waist dress to make noshing on salty cheese dips that much easier?  Perhaps.

So, the obligatory mention of things I want to do in 2008:

eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal
invite more scotch into my life

Also:  today is my grandparents' FIFTH-EIGHTH anniversary.  58 years.  Rock on, grandma & grandpa.

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