Sunday February 17, 2008

Wondering the following:

Is there photographic evidence of my dancing from last night?  If so, I may need to hide for a few weeks.
The waterproofing I had put on my suede boots functions as vodka-proofing as well, right?
How annoyed are my professors that I keep referring to them as "duuuude"?
Why the fuck does the Mt. Adams Wine Cellar think that proclaiming themselves a "yacht club" is either acceptable or cool?
Why do cheese grits have to be simultaneously so tasty and so bad at helping me button my jeans?
If I magically weaned myself off the habit of sleeping 10 hours per night, would I actually go running in the morning, or just spend longer on Jezebel?

Also:  why would anyone decide to market a swimsuit that essentially functions as a billboard announcing I HAVE CRABS!

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