Sunday February 3, 2008

I need a new coat.
I don't need a new winter coat due to any especially "wintry" weather in Cincinnati (helloooo, 45 degrees.  I love you too.  Especially in February.), but when Noah shakes his head disapprovingly at me when I toss on my regular black wool coat, it's time to start obsessively going through Bluefly.  The current coat is: 
1) boring black wool
2) boxy and shapeless and unflattering
3) not that warm, really
4) far too short in the arms- it hits 3" above my wrists, which = cold air chapping my delicate forearms
5) eight years old
6) lined in the most beautiful, irridescent, vivid cobalt blue satin lining in the world

Of course, when I move out of the south, I'll also need to purchase a lovely down coat with hood (like this one, which I think C got in black for Christmas, and looks incredibly soft and warm and far too arctic-ready for Cincinnati temperatures).  For now, though, I'm still planning for another winter in Cincinnati, and my old coat really does have to go.  Things I would very much enjoy in a new coat:
1) single-breasted, please.  I feel that anything double-breasted (other than a trenchcoat) makes me look square and awkward.
2) high-collared, preferably funnel-necked
3) wool or wool/cashmere blend, ideally with some serious insulated lining
4) rather nipped in at the waist, but without having to fumble with a belt
5) gorgeous lining, obviously

Some early contenders:

This Mackage coat- on sale!

A single-breasted peacoat style:  nearly impossible to find.

Probably too trendy, but oooh, buckles!

It's boring, but well-insulated...

This one's only photograped in white, but oooh, eggplant is the other option.

Votes?  Recommendations?  Dear-god-don't-buy-that warnings?

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