Wednesday February 13, 2008

Frankly, I have been Dressing Like An Undergrad too frequently.  And this probably doesn't count as an improvement (as Chucks and an 80's rock t-shirt do not exactly equal "grown-up", no matter what Neal Pollack has to say about it), but I have my last midterm tomorrow morning, followed close upon by alumni reunion committee meetings, a nonprofit financial analysis presentation, and interminable goddamn MBA night classes that I hate, hate, hate.

Ahem.  Anyway.
(Pat Benatar "Seven the Hard Way" tour t-shirt, grey cardigan from the Gap, grey Hepburn-y trousers with cuffs that I tend to trip over although I looooove cuffed trousers, metallic gold Chuck Taylors, + my normal assortment of jewelry.  What you don't see are my red-red nails, as I came home last night from an Econ midterm that I pretty much bombed and decided that the best use of my time was pouting, eating a bacon & mayo & cheese sandwich, and doing my nails.)

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