Wednesday February 6, 2008

Yes, Tuesday was a truly crap day.  I thought I was too old for those old once-a-quarter freakouts of "I'm going to FAIL EVERYTHING and EVERYONE WILL KNOW I'M A FAILURE" dramatics, but no, apparently not.

Today is quite a bit better, not least of all because I stopped at Staggerlee's (best. liquor store. name. ever.) and splurged on some scotch.  Smoky, peaty, Islay single-malt will drown my cares in its liquorriffic goodness.
And, as Emmo put it, when you feel bad is when you have to look good, so I pulled on this portrait-neckline wool tinycoat, because it was 55 degrees today and that means I didn't have to cover up my jackette with another jacket.
I was also intentionally heavy-handed with the liquid liner today, because if I knew I was wearing wingy, dramatic eye makeup, that would make me think twice about bursting into tears of frustration while re-doing my Finance test.
(Black wool 3/4 sleeve portrait-collar coat over black tank, skinny jeans, black patent cap-toe mary janes, black lizard cuff watch.  Also, my hair gets wavy now when it rains- odd.  It never used to do that.)

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