Friday March 7, 2008

It is snowing today.  That, to me, is not unusual.  Yes, it's been snowing all morning and afternoon, but it's fluffy nice snow with almost no wind, and certainly not whiteout blizzard conditions.

However, the motherfuckers in Cincinnati seem to be deathly afraid of winter weather, and not afraid of wasting my time.  After driving twenty (!) miles north to the tailor to pick up my dress today, I find that they have closed four hours early due to weather.  I had called the tailor before leaving the house to make certain that they would be open this afternoon, and I was promised that they'd stay open until I came to pick up my alterations at 3:00.  I arrived at 2:55 to a closed shop.
The cobbler also considered this snowfall to be life-threatening, and closed for the full day, holding my boots hostage.
THE FUCKING BANK down the street put up a "due to inclement weather..." sign and closed at 1:00 before I had a chance to get quarters for laundry. 

Cincinnati, you suck.  It snows here.  And sometimes, in my six months' experience in this town, it seems to snow 4-6" at a time!  Please invest in some snowplows, some sand and salt for the roads, and a healthy understanding of this season called "winter".  If you insist on remaining in denial about the weather that occurs every year for four or so months, I will be forced to ship you to Minnesota so my people can teach your pansy-ass what real winter is.

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