Monday March 10, 2008

I may need to break up with my tailor.

As much as I hate to go through the process of finding yet another person who can do fabulous, cheap alterations for me, this is too much.
Today, when I drove the twenty miles north to pick up a dress that was somehow NOT READY YET, although  A:  it was supposed to be done last Thursday and B:  they closed their shop four hours early on Friday, despite their assurances that they would stay open for me. 
It has been ten days.  The dress, in fact, was not even started upon.  The tailor had a question for me about pocket placement, which she inexplicably decided not to simply call me and ask about, but thought it would be a good idea to wait the full week until I came on the appointed day to pick up what should have been a finished garment.
She then seemed confused as to why I was upset, having expected this dress done on the sixth, and also now having driven 80 (!) miles to waste two hours of my life on a pointless errand.
It's now ostensibly going to be ready on Wednesday.  I think Wednesday will involve a strongly-worded complaint, my insistence that I not be charged for this work, and a thorough break-up with Lu Alterations & Tailors in West Chester.  Lu, it's time that I move on and find someone I can trust. Someone I can see a future with.  Goodbye, Lu.

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