Tuesday March 4, 2008

I spent the morning in an uncharacteristically somber Corporate Conservative getup (as conservative as my closet gets, that is:  it was a mental battle to forgo the pewter peep-toes that would have looked gorgeous with the ensemble and choose to wear the plain black low-heeled pumps) for a finance class presentation.  I promptly came home and replaced all the Professional Businessy Ladylike garb with a hoodie and jeans and boots, because it's gone from 71 degrees and lovely on Monday to 35 and rainy today, and that is no time to prance around in a pencil skirt and heels. 

(I do regret not having a photo of yesterday's presentation outfit:  a green and white gingko-print DvF wrap dress and trench.  It was appropriately springy, but unfortunately did not have the power to convince warm weather to stay around Cincinnati and pamper me.)

I also regret not grabbing my camera quickly enough to get a photo of the locksmith's van with the slogan "23 hours a day, 8 days a week".  If you're working 8 days a week, shouldn't you just suck it up and work that extra hour each day to make it an even 24?  (Or is the 24th hour your mandatory union break?  Your schedule is unclear.)

Things I do not regret: 
1.  Getting those shoes in the mail today. 
I plan to swaddle my entire body in stretchy jersey from March through October, and that includes feet.

2.  Voting today in the Ohio primary, though it did seem odd that here, you have to declare your party before they will give you a ballot.  You can only vote a straight Dem ticket- no registered Democrat is allowed to vote on any Republican races, forcing you to choose between being a dick* by either voting for Ron Paul or for Kucinich. 

*for the record, I love Kucinich, his Department of Peace, his far-leftiness, and of course, his gorgeous wife.  I'm just not going to toss in a vote for him when the Ohio and Texas primaries a large-ish number of delegates.  But rock on with your ultra-progressivism, Dennis!

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