Wednesday March 5, 2008

At least it's not black.
Grey cardigan, grey tee, grey jeans, black Chucks, black lizard watch.

Truthfully, that is really not a Grown-Up outfit, but I am in that rut of "it's almost spring!  time for dresses soon!  but it's 35 degrees today and I DO NOT WANT to wear the same jeans + sweater for the fourth month in a row", which really diminishes my motivation to go through the closet to see what I can put together that's somewhat interesting and also warm.

Unrelated to the light black from pole to pole above: 
I somehow signed myself up as a running buddy to Hartl, who is training for the Grandma's Half-Marathon in June.  I am, to put it nicely, a lapsed distance runner.  If "lapsed" can be taken to mean "has not run more than two miles in over five years".  At one point, however, I was reliably hitting the 20+ mile/week mark, and if I can do that, well, then Hartl can run a half-marathon, and I can get back into the habit too.  As of last night, I'm now accountable to run with her during her training, even if it is via email.  Knees, get ready.  You're about to weep.

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