Friday April 25, 2008

I love that spring weather (80 degrees in April is a reason to appreciate, if not love, Cincinnati) means All Flippy Skirts and Dresses, All the Time.
If you'd walked anywhere near campus yesterday, you would have been swarmed by a mass of girls twirling madly in cute skirts and dresses and grinning madly with their punch-drunk love of springtime.  (I dare you to be surrounded by blooming magnolia trees and lilacs and still frown.  Impossible!)

For me, this means I got to wear a silk skirt I've been dying to bring out for the past month or so:
Black v-neck t-shirt (I swear, it's only the camera flash making it sheer there!), grey and black silk skirt, black lizard flats.  And yes, that's another glass of champagne* in my hands.  What?  It was on sale!

*A few bottles of champagne made an appearance last night, as I have something to celebrate.  Details sometime next week.

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