Friday April 4, 2008

Are you going to be in New York City at any point in the foreseeable future?  Do you have breasts?  Then go to Town Shop.

You’ve been “measured” for a bra at Victoria’s Secret, probably.  And the employee doing the measurements was probably a gum-smacking sixteen-year-old for whom the extent of helpful advice in lingerie selection is likely “it also comes in red!”. 

Well, Town Shop is not like that.  First off, it’s small.  Secondly, very few bras are on display, compared to the normal array one would expect in a bra store.
I walked in, asked to be fitted for new bras, and went back to a dressing room with a fitter for whom I took off my t-shirt.  She then looked me up and down and pronounced my new bra size without checking out the level of padding/lift in the bra I was wearing, getting a tape measure, or touching me at all.  This woman was the legit Miss Cleo of bra-fitting.  And behold, every bra she brought for me was perfect.  I have never had a bra fit so well in my life.  (Many bras at many price points were brought to me, but of course the one I loved best was the most expensive one.  Naturally.  So my Discover bill includes a triple-digit charge for bras that outpaces any other excursion in New York, but is well worth it.)

She even found me a strapless bra that is both supportive and completely free of that awkward and totally non-subtle gesture of yanking up your strapless bra from your ribcage after doing anything more strenuous than standing still and daintily sipping a drink.
Town Shop will change your life.  Your breasts will never be so happy.  And you will not have to talk to a high schooler that tries to sell you on itchy polyester zebra-print camisoles and body spray that smells like a rotting fruit bowl.

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