Sunday April 27, 2008

I have cobbled together plans with a few friends to devote next weekend to the Kentucky Derby and its attendant pleasures, necessitating the following:
1) proper Kentucky Derby hats
2) bourbon
3) finding some way to get Derby tickets

Leaving aside #3 to a friend who may be able to call in a Lexington connection, I'm suddenly scrambling for a hat.  A hat in the vein of:


This type of thing seems to sell for upwards of $300, but I'm betting that with a trip to a craft store, a hot glue gun, some heavy thread, and a bag full of fake birds, I can give those southern belles a run for their money.  What better way to purposefully ignore my upcoming accounting midterm than by sequestering myself in our apartment with a gigantic bag of craft supplies and endless Diet Cokes?

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