Sunday April 6, 2008

Fancy benefit?  Fancy dress!
This dress, one of my first vacation purchases, rules. 
Here, it manages to make me look good after I'd been door hosting one of Know Theatre's 10th Anniversary Gala events, which basically meant "smile pretty, get credit card numbers, and... LOOK! OPEN BAR! and is that a mix-your-own mac & cheese bar with caviar?".  That mac & cheese bar also included bacon bits and extra cheese, so by the time these photos were taken, I was tipsy and extremely full of fancy cheesy pasta.

Osman Yousefzada for Mango dress, Marc Jacobs cuff watch, black patent heels from DSW courtesy my mom, who, after seeing my disappointment at having to get practical work shoes and nothing else, suggested that perhaps a fancy pair of "nice shoes" might do wonders to cheer me up.  Right on, mom.

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