Thursday April 3, 2008

After unpacking spring dresses from a suitcase this week in an attempt to make my closet seem even smaller than it is, I think it may be time for a little wardrobe culling.  Granted, I did just buy four new dresses in New York, but I'm seeing things shoved in the back of the closet that I know haven't gotten any wear in the past year.  Coincidentally, a new friend who happens to have a beautiful, beautiful wardrobe put up her checklist of Wardrobe Questions, so on with the spring cleaning.

1. How would you describe your style?
Clean lines, neutral colors, very student-y despite myself.

2. Is this something you want to change?
Stop Dressing Like An Undergrad.  Also, occasionally wear a color.

3. Give examples of people whose looks you like.
Kate Moss, A Lady, Gala Darling, Shalom Harlow, Natalie Portman, Jamie Ryan, Sarah Baumert, Coco Chanel, Angelina Jolie.

4. What are your best features that you would like to highlight?
Long legs, rather lovely boobs. 

5. If you have flaws, what would you to address?
A prominent tummy pooch.  Currently more than a little distended due to lunch at Balthazar, breakfasts at H&H Bagels, brunch at Schiller's, dinner at Momofuku, etc. 

6. What outfit makes you feel the best?
Black v-neck cashmere sweater, black pencil skirt, knee-high black stiletto boots, sunglasses.  Preferably all under my black trench coat so I feel like a super-spy.

7. What do you feel the least comfortable wearing in public?
Any shirt that could potentially show my stomach.

8. What are you lacking in your wardrobe?
Casual warm-weather tops to wear with jeans that are not a t-shirt or tank from American Apparel.  What does one wear with jeans in the spring/summer that won't make me look like I'm stuck in high school?  (Ok, wearing this with Chucks doesn't help the cause, I'm aware.)

9. Do you have too much of something?
Black t-shirts that don't fit properly.

10. Please rate in order of need what areas you need the most help.
Casual Day
Casual Night
Dressy Day
Casual Date
Conservative Work
Dressy Night
Dressy Date

Casual Work

11. Do you have something to wear for each of these looks?
Probably at least once for the top four, but not much more than that.  Not much more one ensemble that I'm really pleased with and comfortable in, that is. 

12. Do you have accessories to pull each of these looks together?
Yes, though I tend not to wear a lot of different accessories.  I stick to one or both of my bracelets, my watch, my ring, and my tiny silver hoop earrings.  To really play around with accessories, I'd have to give up the bracelets and watch so I'm not on jewelry overload.
I do have a versatile collection of necklaces, scarves, bags, gloves, and shoes, however.  A collection that I don't use as often as I should.

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