Wednesday April 30, 2008

I have shamelessly jacked A Lady's style on this one, but after seeing the adorable photo of her rocking this dress, I had to get it.  Online clearance, thankfully.

It was slightly less than springy here yesterday, so I wore it with leather boots and a leather jacket.  Apparently, I also wore it to the astonishment of a certain classmate, who remarked after class:  "Wow, you're really overdressed for just going to class.  You look like you're ready to go clubbing or something."  I tried to smile sweetly and said "Yes, I did get dressed up today.  I love this dress!" and then went slinking across campus, thinking nasty thoughts about her and her ugly shoes.  Because I'm a grown-up like that.
Photos taken at 2 a.m. after several margaritas.  Homework is always aided by takeout Mexican food and gossip over cocktails.

Black liquid jersey dress, Diane von Furstenberg; black flat boots, DSW; leather jacket, Victoria's Secret; cuff watch, Marc Jacobs.  Smirk courtesy tequila.

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