Sunday May 11, 2008

Argh.  As if I wasn't already self-conscious about my looks (jeans too tight!  hair too floppy! skin not perfect!), Lucky Magazine (magalog?  sell-a-thon?)* has an article about how hard it is for women with "big feet" to find shoes.  How do they define "big feet"?  Apparently a size 9 and above is unladylike and shameful.

WTF, Lucky.  I wear a size 8 1/2 to 9, and I have never in my life thought my feet should be daintier and smaller.  Especially since the most common shoe size for American women is an 8 1/2.  But man, according to Lucky, once you go up a half-size from the norm, your feet suddenly become hideously oversized.

Now, I've seen big feet.  My best friend growing up wore a women's size 11, and yes, she had a hard time finding great heels that weren't too stripper-esque.  But jesus, give us ladies a break.  What will be next on your glossy full-color list of Things That You Should Feel Bad About:  "30 Days to Your Cutest Ears EVER"?  "Big-Toe Slimdown Secrets"?  "Are Your Elbows Aging You?"

*I didn't buy Lucky, I promise.  I just flipped through it this morning at the grocery store.  Of all the things in life I could spend $4 on, that magazine falls somewhere on the desirability list between superglue and store-brand bologna.

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