Thursday May 8, 2008

To my immense shame and eternal embarrassment, I've caught myself using a tack-on preposition on several occasions this week.
"Where did you eat lunch at"?
"Where did she go to"?
...Oh, my midwest is showing*.  Why can't I just end the damn sentence one word prior, and save myself from the cringe that follows immediately upon the offending part of speech crossing my lips?  The inimitable Helen would give withering looks, I'm sure, and that should be reason enough to check myself before I wreck myself.
*See also: 
"crick" vs. "creek"
"warsh" vs. "wash"
"eks-cept" vs. "accept"
And I would like to point out, for my ego's sake, that none of the above abominations belong to me.  Now shut up about the way I say "room" and "roof", okay?

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