Tuesday May 20, 2008

1) I lost my driver's license on the street in Chicago on Friday, along with about $50 in cash from my back pocket.  This means I'll now have to take my (nearly-expired) ten-year-old passport to the Ohio DMV and get an Ohio driver's license, which sucks because A: it gave me pleasure to remember Minneapolis every time I had to use my ID and B: that was a great fucking driver's license photo, and I'm certain the Ohio DMV workers will not be concerned with flattering light and angles.
2) The muscle relaxants prescribed for my fuckitty-uppity back and shoulder are Baby's First Pain Pills, and I want something strong- something that requires a black-box FDA warning and adult supervision to ingest.  Something that will actually relax this gigantic knot of unpleasantness and make it less painful to do things like take notes in class, or do my homework, or move my right arm at all.
3) My gorgeous fluttery Marc Jacobs dress arrived yesterday, and I cannot zip it.  I cannot get the damn thing to close over my ribcage and breasts.  And it's the largest size they had.
4) Gas is nearly $4 a gallon, and I spent twelve hours driving this weekend.
5) I have two giant presentations, three arts admin papers, two marketing papers, a marketing final, an accounting final, and a two-day alumni reunion for which I am expected to be Wonder D of Helpfulness and Problem-Solving in the next three weeks.
Trick question!  All of the above make me want to die. 
Thus, I'll be taking a two- to three-week hiatus from blogging/emailing/life until most of the above have dissipated.  Re: #3, I may also want to take a hiatus from eating, because I will make that dress fit.

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