Tuesday June 3, 2008

...'cause I'm back in black.
Fucking finally.  Two finals left (including the whole "I need to learn accounting in the next week" thing, but whatevs), and due to my completely insane combination of Capricorn/ Type A/ OCD/ Alpha Female/ competitive streak, I've finished every last paper due in the next week and a half.  There's editing left to do on one more, but the actual writing falls to two very capable classmates and the editing will be a breeze.

During my internet absence, I found two very helpful motivational tips to get myself to sit down at the laptop for days at a time and not allow any fun to seep in:
1. Do not shower or get dressed.  If I am in absolutely no shape to allow myself to be seen in public, I cannot distract myself by saying "well, I'll just run to the grocery store/ Target/ the bar/ the public library to read magazines". 
2. For every eight hour stretch that I sat and wrote, I decided to pay myself with a treat.  The treat had to have a monetary value vaguely correlated to the post-tax wages I'd have earned if I'd been employed during those eight hours, so:  Fresh's Cannabis Santal is currently being worn, and I'm very happy to smell like smoky dirty leathery goodness.  I love fragrances that smell a little dirty and smoky, like my dearly beloved and much-missed Hedwig by Demeter, so Fresh is not allowed to discontinue this stuff.  (Also purchased was some new silverware and a new DvF dress, and possibly some cute shoes to be linked later.  Mmmm, shoes.)

While I'm on a mad buying spree (because now that I have a driver's license from Ohio and that makes me sad because the photo is not nearly as flattering as my previous license I can purchase things in person with a credit card and hand over my ID, rather than taking advantage of the internet not being able to ask for a photo ID with a credit card purchase), I think I may need to buy a steamer.  I looked into a handheld version, but if I'm going to be a twit and buy a clothing steamer, why not get a nice full-size version?  Currently leading the pack for consideration is the SteamFast Fabric Steamer, which I believe may be the answer to most of my wrinkly woes.  Well, either that or finally unearthing the ironing board from Noah's closet, but as Noah's in charge of ironing and making me look put-together, and he's soon going out of the country for a very extended period of time, I'll probably be doing exactly zero ironing over the next year.

Steamer recommendations?  Warnings?  "Girl, why you spending your money on that" admonishments?