About a year ago, I bought a dress from Outlets Online.net. (aka outlet-online.net, outletsonline.net, outlets-online.net... which should've been my first tip-off.) The dress is beautiful and lovely and I was very pleased with their stock, so I unwisely sent $140 of my stimulus check to China with the purchase of the yellow high-neck Marc Jacobs dress detailed in the post from May 4th. The dress arrived, yes, but it was the complete wrong size, and so I promptly sent it back for an exchange. I followed all their esoteric rules (claiming "gift, $0 value" on the international shipping form, completing the exchange within three days of receiving the item, etc.) and six weeks later, nothing. No exchanged dress. No refund. No responses to my increasingly angry emails to the company.
Sadly, their payment is not handed via Paypal, so I can't file a complaint there to get a refund.

Consider me to be your cautionary tale: DO NOT BUY THINGS FROM OUTLETS ONLINE.NET. They are bad people who will screw you, and are probably selling knockoffs anyway.

Hautelook and Gilt Groupe are two excellent alternatives, and both are highly reputable.

I mentioned to a friend, currently interning in NYC, that I'm biking to/from work and errands each day. She says "oooh, you're going to come back to school all ripped and skinny from this summer!". Perhaps such a thing would be possible if I'd stop eating nachos for dinner and cake for breakfast. I don't think that my mid-speed biking of <10 miles per day will do much to negate anything covered in melted cheese.


Anonymous said...

Do you know any good/reputable vintage or vintage replication online stores that sell dresses/shoes?
I love your mary janes, where did you find these?

nadarine said...

The Mary Janes are vintage (sorry!)- I don't do a ton of vintage shopping online, but ebay is a great place to start, provided that the seller lists all measurements for a garment, not just "approximate size".

For vintage-look stuff, Modcloth.com has Stop Staring clothing, which is very vampy-40's.

Anonymous said...

Are you a member of Gilt Groupe?

Ruby said...

Has anyone checked out hautelook.com? Ive read a lot of good things about it and just went online to check it out ...there's a Madison Marcus, Davis Shoes and Alice + Olivia sale going on right now ...the stuff looks soo amazing! I think I'm going to buy something from each sale! Uhoh!

nadarine said...

Anon: no, sadly, I keep letting my invites expire before getting around to ACTUALLY signing up. One of these days!

Ruby: I'm totally enthralled by Hautelook. Be very certain of your size before ordering, as all their stock is limited-availability and I don't know if they even do exchanges- but that aside, I'm very happy with them. Reputable and clearance-priced: what's not to love?

SBJ said...

I fucking love you to death for the modcloth 411. DREAMY!