GO! to Target!

This dress from the new GO collection arrived in the mail today from Target, and it is fabulous. (Why the model is missing half her head, I'm not sure. Moving on.)

The reviewers were not kidding when they mention that it is quite short. Perhaps because I'm 5'9", the dress went from "rather short" to "I will have to sew weights in the hem to make sure it doesn't waft up in a breeze and expose my underwear to the world", but daaaaaamn. Regardless of its length (or lack thereof), it's quite lovely. And from an avowed ruffle-fighter*, that's high praise.

*(Jessica, on my decision to purchase this dress: "But D, you hate ruffles!" Me: "I'm just thinking of them as three-dimensional pleats.")

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, I want that! I'm the same height as you though, so I'll be tugging it down over my ass all day too. But it's sooo pretty!

Oh, and I LOVE your profile pic over there. All we need is some champagne in the cleavage and we'll be set!