hat trick

I am aware that this process of transferring posts from, oh, forever ago up to the present has hit snags, such as some things double-posting, and some things not showing up at all. At present, I'm not especially inclined to spend my free time fixing this (free time is for Netflix and trips to North Ave beach, after all). At some point in the future, I may go through and clean the archives up a bit. Just ignore wonky double-posts and send good tech vibes my way, mmmkay?

Aside from the above, I am pre-wondering if I can wear a beret this fall without looking like a complete ass. For a long while, I feared hats and scarves of all sorts upon my head, but this was more a product of my once-extremely-short haircut and the associated thought processes of strangers that went inch-long hair... scarf... cancer patient! than it was a function of how I actually look in headwear. In fact, I generally look pretty good in all assorted types of hats and such.

But: a beret may be different. A beret seems to invite people to put on a faux-French accent and ask me if I have any Grey Poupon. I fear going from "jaunty hat" to "the next trend in hipster trash". (See: keffiyeh scarves, plastic miniblind sunglasses, et al.) While I have some friends who have successfully rocked a beret (pale pink with sequins, even), these friends are significantly more model-type than I. And they are not plagued with second-guessing their decision to wear a hat, it seems.

By "beret" I DO NOT MEAN one of those knitted, open-weave oversized trustafarian snoods that contain masses of dreadlocks. Oh no. Those are abominations. Also, not a Kangol, for the love of god. No, the potential beret of my future would be simple, unadorned wool.

Should I be deliberating over a $10 hat purchase? Probably not. But one must always be willing to ask oneself "will wearing this make me look like a a pretentious asshole?" before leaving the house in the morning.


myrtlebeachbum said...

I can think of 2 people who are woman enough to wear a beret. You are one of them, and the other wouldn't hesitate to tell you to die in a fire if she thought you couldn't pull it off.

nadarine said...

Now, now: don't forget Rojo (home of the sparkly beret!), Ms. Biftek, and SparklePretty.

Ruth said...

i had one friend that could truely pull of a beret. she was a very cold winter coat, don't shave legs, hang out in coffee shops type. i tend to think you have to go none of the way (above) or all the way (sparkly pink) with an ensemble including a beret.

but i bet you could do both. AND perfect for cincinnati winters (pussy winters).

*h said...

I say go for it. You're adorable and you've got style and you can pull it off. And if you hate it, you can always flip it upside down, fill it with wrapped Werther's Originals, and have a fuzzy little candy dish.

And also, the picture of this hat has gotten "Raspberry Beret" in my head, so thank you for that, as well.

Anonymous said...

I love hats. But sadly, almost never wear them (except baseball caps when my hair's a mess). I think you could totally pull it off and I really wish it was more popular to wear hats because I really want to rock them like glam '20s/'30s ladies did.

Courtney said...

are you NOT the one who gave me enough fashion confidence/inspiration to wear my beret? dude, come now.