inexplicable fashion spread, v. 3,734.

I once received a bathrobe as the Most Disappointing Birthday Gift Ever. (I was turning 17, and expecting the Jack Kerouac boxed set of readings and music on CDs; instead, I opened a package the approximate size and weight of said boxed set, and found a cream terrycloth bathrobe, and gave my parents a look that could be described as I Hate You and Your Goddamn Practical Gift.)

I think this robe is almost as disappointing as the Happy 17th Birthday robe:

From Vogue's August 2008 "Equal Opportunity" spread

Vogue's own copy describes this $3,740 "Marc Jacobs blush wool-blend coat" as "relaxed and robe-like".
I'd go so far as to say it is actually a $3,740 bathrobe. Psst, Amazon can get you the same damn thing for $90.


*h said...

Or, you can go to Target and get this shit for $30, son! I have one which I only wear in the winter, when I wake up, as it's -10 degrees here. I feel frumpy in it so I never wear it around anyone else. But it's SO warm.

My parents learned long ago to stop buying me clothes. I took everything back, which I always felt bad about. But my mom would have me wear some straight up Quacker Factory sweatshirts, given the chance, so I had to put my foot down.

They now give me gift cards. The world is better for it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, robes.

One year I got a silky (read: polyester) nightgown with matching robe set for Christmas. I was so little. Perhaps 10 or 11. I also got a full-length mirror that year for Christmas.

Enter the birth of my super fabulous narcissism.

I fancied myself the most glamorous little girl in all the world, brushing my pretty, shiny hair with my smooth, long nightgown set on, staring adoringly into that big old mirror.


Anonymous said...

If someone is buying a $3,740 bathrobe, they clearly have too much money. I would like to assist them with this problem. Send all pesky excess funds to Katastic, c/o Shantytown, Poorville, USA. I'll be the one roasting rats over the garbage can.

Anonymous said...

Look at that hussy Gisele in her fancy-schmancy bathrobe. Looks like she threw it on over the clothes she wore yesterday in an effort to disguise a brisk walk of shame.

nadarine said...

I still have the Disappointing Birthday Bathrobe, by the way. It's no Kerouac boxed set, but it IS warm and snuggly and yes, very ugly.