It's hot in Chicago this week. Hella hot. Thankfully, I am currently situated next to a fan on the second-floor sunporch, watching clouds gather to the southeast, and hoping for a gorgeous storm with lots of lightning for my amusement. The sunporch is not entirely private- it's connected to the back of the house by an open staircase- so although I'd very much like to be sitting out here in just my underwear, that would inevitably lead to an awkward encounter with my landlord:
me- "Hey, is the front doorbell working?"
her- "You're... not wearing... clothes."
me- "This is true. So are you getting a new doorbell, then?"

I plan to learn her morning routine so I can schedule a seminude coffee break on the sunporch while minimizing the trauma to both of us. I don't have a hangup with nudity at home, obvs, but I do have a hangup about inadvertently flashing the person to whom I pay rent each month.

When undressing last night, I realized that I'd ripped the back seam of a brand-new skirt. I was going to try to blame this on cheap fabric or shoddy stitching, but looking back a few weeks to the seam-rippage of a very well-constructed DvF dress, I have to conclude that it's my fault. See, my bike has a horizontal brace bar, and I tend not to mount/dismount my bike like a lady. It's more 'swinging legs everywhere and jumping off the bike while still moving to snag that last spot at the bike rack' and less 'be careful of your skirt, dear!'. From now on, I will A: carry an emergency sewing kit with me in my bike-commute bag, B: hike my skirt way up to indecent levels when getting on the bike, or more reasonably, C: pay attention to what I'm doing, especially when wearing nice, new clothes.

Also very nice, and something that could be new for me: I have lately been seized by the need to acquire a long (26" chain or longer) pendant necklace. I must've seen someone wearing one somewhere, because the visual in my head for exactly what I want is hyper-detailed. This etsy seller has something very close:

...but I want something more in the 22.2 mm range, and I'd swap out the chain for something longer. Oooh, and maybe add a milagro charm to it. Perhaps a trip to a bead store is in order to see if I can't make this happen.

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myrtlebeachbum said...

I love to hear about life in the big city. And of course I can't wait to see you.

There WILL be naked porch sitting (it's practically an artform around my house).