no place like home

Hello, there. Yes, it's been a while. Well, see, I've been working this internship, battling Comcast, cursing at Photoshop, and diligently working on transferring the blog over here, post by painstaking post. Oh, except for that last part. In reality, I would've never gotten off my ass to transfer hosts on my own (let alone archives!), so I'm relying on the wonderful tech-savvy assistance of Steve to do all the hard work for me.

To prod me into the move comes the fabulous Femme, who said "six things! go!" and then disappeared into a cloud of perfume and champagne bubbles. So: six things that I never, ever thought I'd do.

1. Eat capers. I hated capers for twenty-five years. Then, last summer, I decided that I was just being silly, because I love salt and capers are often the best, fanciest way to get something salty into a meal. Now, capers and I are inseparable. Especially when there's lemon and tuna involved.

2. Enjoy a roller-coaster. I don't know what clicked with me, but now I cannot get enough upside-down, massive g-force, loop-the-loop, rickety track action. The Haunted Mine at Dollywood was well worth going through the long, slow line three times.

3. Go to bed before midnight. However, my wish to stay up late does not mesh with my need to get nine hours of sleep per night AND my need to be awake and de-zombified before 7 am, so 10 pm bedtime it (sometimes) is.

4. Ever be an organized person. Really. I was a total slob growing up, and if you'd seen me, sprawled across the floor of my high-school-years bedroom, doing homework while lying across piles of paper because both the bed and the desk were already covered in piles of books and crafty projects and assorted crap, you'd be shocked to see that I became a completely organized, "everything in its place" kind of person. It killed me a little to admit it, but yes, it's so much better when I can immediately pinpoint where my keys are rather than having to scrounge under the pillow, inside my shoes, et al., to find them.

5. Want to read and compare tax filings. Oh, the joys of the publicly-available Form 990 for 501(c)3 nonprofits. Why do I find this entertaining and interesting? Because I can learn all your dirty little secrets from your tax forms, you poorly-managed nonprofits.

6. Pay more than $150 for any article of clothing. Ouch. I still don't like doing it, but I remember when saving up my part-time job paychecks to pay $120 for a pair of Doc Martens seemed the limit in expensive exhibitionism. Oh, how na
ïve I was.

Edited to add: hell, I forgot to force others to do the same little "six little quirks about you" thing. So: Truth of Ruth, Pocket Fox, Breaking Blues, Shannikins/Hallowedding, The Ministry of Hip, and Daddy Likey. Six things, go!


SBJ said...

Well done, kitten, well done!

myrtlebeachbum said...

There's my champagne holder!

My organized champagne holder.

peej said...

I'm stuck on that $150 thing, too. But I know that spending $150 on something really nice will pay off in the end, because it will last three times as long. It still hurts, though.

However, I have no problem dropping it on something like a Wii. I would rather pay for simulated baseball than a nice pair of shoes. I'm not sure what this says about me.

lalaland13 said...

Uh ohs. I have been called. I must answer that call. Soon.

I still can't sleep properly, at least not for a working woman who must be at work around 8ish. Sunday nights are the worst because I've slept all darn weekend. Last night, I went to bed, woke up at 11 or so hungry as heck, had a meh sandwich, went back to sleep.