oooh, shiny.

According to the thermometer on the newly-purchased* air conditioner in my apartment, it was 92 degrees in our bedroom at 9 pm.
Now think of 92 degrees plus direct sun and biking about 30 minutes to work, and imagine what a sweaty, shiny mess I must be each day when I step into the office. Sephora suggests that I spend $19.50 on fancy blotting papers to remedy this; or $10 for their shitty store-brand blotting papers that don't work worth a damn and I can't even pull out of the package in single sheets as they stick together in groups of six or so.

Hell no. Instead, go to the nearest Chinatown and look for blotting papers there. Mine have a very elegant-looking Chinese woman on the book, giving me a look that translates to: "Pardon me, but you're looking rather shiny. I can help with that." They also are slightly pink and smell of roses, AND were 75
¢ for a book of 100. That's practically free. And while you're in Chinatown, go get dim sum, because bubble tea is also an excellent cooling refreshment.

*I was awakened at 3 am last night/this morning by a very uncomfortable, overheated boyfriend, who drove to the 24-hour Walmart to purchase an air conditioner. I rolled my eyes at this at first, mostly because he'd woken me up, but I was easily converted to support this technology once the waves of 66 degree air hit my face.

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Anonymous said...

I am so dumb. I can walk to Chinatown from where I live. Why don't I get beauty products there? So dumb. You are smart and I shall do as you do. Yes.