paper chase

Let's play word association! The word is: Moleskine.
I say: hipster, emo, trendy, fauxhemian, pretentious.
Also: my constant companion.

It's not that I have a single thing against carrying a smallish notebook- heavens, no. I am forever flipping through my little notebook to look for this or that address, or write something down, or digging through the pocket in the back of the Moleskine to find a drycleaning receipt.
It's just that it's not perfect; I once had the perfect little pocket notebook, and anything but that is now a disappointment to me.
Years ago, I bought a small black Bindewerk notebook at a stationery store in Minneapolis. Its edges were tipped in metal, and the elastic closure was secure enough to keep a tiny Spacepen in place atop the notebook. I assumed these notebooks would always be there for me, and therefore did not think to buy them by the gross.
And it turns out that those lovely, perfect Bindewerk notebooks were never again in that store, and I was forced to turn to Moleskine: with pages that cannot be torn out, because the binding will unravel immediately, and a spine that cracks and peels with the lightest of use, and an elastic closure that will hold nothing weightier than a paper clip. I am displeased.

Bindewerk, shockingly, does not have an online store. I think I may have found one website selling my perfect little notebook, but it's in German (I think), and I cannot tell what sizes they are selling, and the prices seem to convert to something like $40 per notebook, and that cannot possibly be correct. After a fruitless search through every Kate's Paperie and similarly fancy stationery store in New York this spring, I got home and emailed Bindewerk in frustration. Turns out they do have one retailer in the US- in New York, naturally. I don't know when I'll be back in New York (perhaps over Thanksgiving?), but I plan to call ahead to their one shop and ask them to set aside two dozen or so notebooks for me in advance of my visit.


*h said...

I carry my Moleskine around, too, but you are right on about the pages/binding problem. And as someone who needs to rip shit out often, this is an issue for me.

You will have to direct me to this magical store in New York that has these awesome notebooks. We both know a few ladies around there who might be willing to ship 'em out!

Anonymous said...

Good heavens! For whatever reason, my Moleskines have been perfectly SBJ-proof, which is no small task. If it can't stand up to my careless battering...have you looked at the lovely Miquelrius notebooks yet?

The Domina said...

No Moleskines cannot be hipster! They belong to the ranks of Hemingway and Matisse and Breton, not the lame poseurs I see with them nowadays!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Bindewerk fan too and, like you, my source for those notebooks dried up. So I turned to a wonderful Canadian online source:


Unfortunately, they ARE $40CAD each...

Anonymous said...

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