Stop Dressing Like An Undergrad, continued!

I'm a summer intern with a nonprofit theater in Chicago, and all the other summer interns are of the 19-years-old (or thereabouts) variety. Also, the office culture in this organization is very casual- jeans, sandals, and such. I've got to go to work each day and 1) not look like I'm out of my freshman year of undergrad, 2) not look overly fussy in comparison to the regular staff, and 3) not look like I'm living out of suitcases stacked in the living room. This has meant almost no jeans (unless with serious heels and something more interesting than a t-shirt), and lots of skirt/moderately casual dress + low heels combinations.

Today's combination was augmented by a surprise thunderstorm on my way home from work, so I look a bit less than thrilled to be standing in wet shoes here.

Dress, Kara Janx; magenta tanktop for office propriety, Esprit; black heels, Urban Outfitters; tangerine manicure to up the 80's factor with the neon green trim on the dress and the magenta tanktop.


myrtlebeachbum said...

You do realize, of course, that I want to put myself on the stretching rack, ooch all the way up to your height, and steal your wardrobe?

Just so we're on the same page.

Anonymous said...

love love love this dress!!!! I was also in love with KJ on PR!!!! p.s. watching Rachel Zoe on Bravo right now and absolutely hating my everyday swearshirt wearing painting house boring life. gawd- you talk about getting out of co-ed wears, I need help getting out of mom-wear. I havn't worn makeup in days. i need an intervention!

PS- eva and i went to target the other day and hung out the makeup dept forever trying on the sweet new lines. Jemma Kidd- I'm buying everything.