Warriors, come out and plaaaaaaaaaay!

I was too lazy, or possibly too enthralled with the fantastically matching gang costumes, to grab a screenshot to prove that the small silver disc necklace mentioned previously does not only exist in my head.
In the opening subway sequence of The Warriors, The Saracens wear their black tanks with a necklace that may be a dog tag, but looks a little less oblong and more circular. I think that this shot is where the idea came from for the silver disc necklace that I've been half-assedly hunting down, and proves that A) I enjoy laughably bad (bad/awesome, that is) 70's movies about fussily coordinated NYC gangs, and B) I am not just making up jewelry designs in my head, but in fact aspire to dress like I've raided the accessories trailer from The Warriors.

This swimsuit taunts me. "Buy me and lounge on the beach while tossing out wordly bon mots!", it says. "$135 is not too much to pay for something so pretty, and besides, you love a boy-leg swimsuit." Also taunting me: there are only three left in stock. Should I purchase something that may or may not threaten to expose my breasts to unwitting beachgoers? (My breasts have escaped from less perilous pieces of clothing: sundresses, button-up shirts, and so forth. They make a run for freedom every few weeks.) However, logic fails when confronted with something so pretty. I'm going to ignore the fact that I ordered a ridiculously marked-up bottle of champagne last night and spent money I didn't have on delicious sushi and booze, and just pretend that my internship pays me money and that purchasing a new swimsuit is, like, a necessity, given my new proximity to Lake Michigan.

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