What I tossed on at 8 am today would be what I wore for the entire day, incl. shopping, dim sum, errand-running, hanging out in the laundromat, and drinks out this evening with friends. This is rather unfabulous, but considering I got dressed in the dark and had a slim pick of clean clothing, I think it shall do. Now let's hope tonight's bar is moderately unfancy so I don't have to put on heels that will aggravate my blistered feet.

Grey tee, American Apparel; navy jersey dress, Express; peacock feather necklace, Urban Outfitters. Yes, at some point I'll put shoes on, and those will probably be mall-brand too. Oh, horrors.


Fanya6 said...

my favorite part of this pic (besides you) is Yitzak flashing her butt at the camera.

SBJ said...

Love the necklace. I wish I could make peacock feathers grow out of my head, but strategically, so they flashed ever-so-slightly during well-time hair tosses, etc.