I am most disappointed that when a very sick girl googles "home remedies for sinus infection and killer cold with scratchy throat", nowhere does the internet provide the phrase "coo at photos of fuzzy baby animals". So, fellow sinus infection sufferers (sorry about giving you the cold, btw- and the sore throat that makes breathing hard- and the extremely painful sinus infection- oops!), in addition to things like a warm compress across your nose and cheekbones, drinking lots of room-temperature water and tea with honey, ibuprofen, and top dosages of Tylenol Severe Sinus medicine, please also go to Cute Overload and let the puppies and kittens heal you. You must look after yourself in your time of ailing.

(Also, when one's boyfriend gets sick with the killer sinus/cold/ouch combo, if you are all cavalier and simply pat him on the head and trill "I'm off to work! Feel better!", you will get that same terrible illness a few days later, and you will realize that he was not just whining about the sickness. You will feel even worse when he stays home to take care of you and provides soup and warm washcloths and tea and painkillers and the fancy tissues with aloe. As if the sickness and the pain weren't enough, now you have guilt atop all that, and that is a bitch.)

Ahem. Anyway. Now that I'm all recovered and back at work, I have spent too much time in a flourescent-lit bathroom staring at my eyebrows. Or, rather, staring at the blank space on my eyebrows that I keep willing to fill in. This summer, it was confirmed by a panel of friends (and experts!) that yes, my eyebrows had been over-plucked to the point of disappearing. They are too short, horizontally, and could also use some additional fullness. How hard can it possibly be to grow out my eyebrows, I thought to myself? After all, I am from hearty (hairy) German stock, and my eyebrows were bushy and untouched by any shaping tools until I was 18. I'll have lush Camilla Belle brows in mere weeks!
Sadly, it is not so. I have stray scraggly hairs poking up all around the thin, sad arches, and none of them are lending a "lush" look so much as a "your face looks rather unkempt" look. But I remain steadfast, and am trying verrrrry hard to ignore the set of tweezers in residence upon my bathroom sink. I am not allowed to pluck, shape, or rid myself of any eyebrow strays until they have grown back into something full and shapeable.

Dear lord, this may drive me crazy. Someone please take the tweezers away as a preventative measure.


The Domina said...

I actually lost much of my eyebrows (weird med reaction) and it took at least a year to get them back to normal growth and loveliness and they came in patchy at first the best thing to do is THROW AWAY THE TWEEZERS. Trust me on this one.

Kaye said...

yes, sadly I also caught the infection going around. i am on day two off work. while watching bad daytime tv is something i almost never get to do, i think this throat thing is not worth it.

Fanya6 said...

What have I done to you? I started one little eyebrow shaping help-session in college and now you have a full blown addiction. It's time for my intervention arms. You have a problem.

nadarine said...

Oh, darling, I know. I have failed you and your eyebrow-shaping helpfulness! Forgive me, Emult, for I have sinned.
I'm taking vitamin E and biotin EVERY DAY to speed up the regrowth, I promise.