I am deep in the throes of closet envy, friends. You've seen my closet (yes, SINGULAR) in Cincinnati. And now, you have seen both my closet in Chicago:

and my sad system of summer footwear storage in Chicago:

... and you understand why I am sad and often rumpled.

(I must emphasize that these Chicago photos indicate that I am living in temporary quarters, and that I'd like to think that if I were in this apartment longer-term I would unpack that suitcase of socks and bras in the back of the closet.)

My very stylish friend Jessica was visiting lately, and is planning to revamp her own storage system for her rather extensive collection of pretty things, leading to much deliberation over the Container Store and California Closets' various apparatuses. (apparati?) Once you see pretty wardrobe solutions, people, you can not go back to your sad closet reality. You will spend your days pining for lovely slide-out drawers for accessories, full-wall shoe racks, revolving hangers for scarves, sweater boxes, and the like.

And then Meredith's place (and her boyfriend's amazing collection of ties) showed up this week in New York Magazine, sending me into a fit of jealousy, and also sparking my immediate desire to visit her and bask in their glorious storage spaces.

Then, if the universe were not already screaming in my ear "I think you should spend your upcoming student loans on chests of drawers and shelving!", I stumbled upon Nubby's Helpful Guide To Organizing Your Closet (or Closet-Type Furniture).

So far, I figure all I need to make this happen is:
a new apartment of at least 1,000 square feet
a forest of cedar trees from which aromatic, pleasant things will be made
every standing wardrobe that Ikea has ever produced
a carpenter to make me the custom shoe rack of my dreams
approximately $20,000
and the world's most understanding boyfriend.

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