most fun to-do list ever

I have just over a month left in The City That Smells Like Chocolate before I am forced to decamp for Cincinnati once again. This has put me into a mad rush to do all those things I told myself I'd do in Chicago- back when I thought I'd have "nothing but free time" this summer (ha). I've made it to Hot Doug's, the Fullerton beach, and the Art Institute of Chicago once each in the past two months, but that's a pretty sad start to what should have been a summer full of romping through the joys of this city.
Still on the Things I Have to Do Before Being Forced Back to Cincinnati list are:
browse and marvel at Mitsuwa, the largest Japanese grocery in the Midwest
immerse self in the Jeff Koons exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art
late-night nourishment at Rockstar Dogs (Edit: dude, no. The polish was deep-fried (wtf!), and the bun was cold. Stick with Hot Doug's for quality tube meats.)
embrace my liberal geek at a taping of "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!" (note: I will probably use this opportunity to stalk Carl Kassel)
die of happiness with every course at my favorite restaurant in the world, Green Zebra
worship at the altar of Tracy Letts' playwriting skills at Steppenwolf
augment my collection of vintage sheath dresses and mismatched glassware at a Chicago flea market
go all-out carnivore style at Custom House
determine whether or not a $16 all-you-can-eat sushi buffet is the greatest thing ever, or a terrible gastrointestinal mistake

(Ed: making headway! yes!)

Other suggestions to cram into the next month?


Fanya6 said...

Here's my suggestion:

Super Dog

The Minister said...

I hadn't even been in Chicago 12 hours before I went to the MCA. Love it. LOVE. IT.

I also highly recommend a trip to the natural history museum. The dinosaurs are big and cool and the displays are cheesy and old.