in the trenches

This trench freaks me out with its amazing-ness.
I am already daydreaming of throwing it on with elbow-length leather gloves for a little insouciant Parisian-autumn-afternoon-stroll ensemble. Also, I am tempted to wear it as a dress with thick thigh-high cable knit socks and a prep-school headband.
(No, I haven't actually purchased the trench yet, but we all know it's just a matter of time, right?)

If I find out that it comes in other colors, I will probably break into poorly-choreographed Happy Dance Routine in my living room.

By the by, it's been 70 degrees or so in Chicago for nearly the past full week, so thinking about fall (and the attendant need to buy "school clothes") is not feeling terribly unseasonable. I, expecting a normal Chicago heatstroke summer, only moved my summer clothes to Chicago. Thus, I have access to only a few pairs of jeans and two lightweight cardigans in case of a Canadian cold front. It was chilly when I got up today, and so decided to layer on pretty much everything I own to cover my goosebumpy arms and legs. I fear I spent the day looking like a bedraggled Olsen twin who'd just raided American Apparel.


Anonymous said...

That collar is DIVINE.

I'd kill for this in baby blue.

Anonymous said...

Look, baby, I love you, but I think we have a problem here. I go to your blog, you come to mine and we just can't get out of this cycle of bank account violence, always wanting and looking for new, pretty things.

Katie said...

Fuck you, Modcloth, and all your fucking adorable stuff.