lament? rejoice!

It was shaping up to be a sad day, let me tell you. My new Marc by Marc dress arrived from the Bloomingdale's sale, but, being purchased online without the benefit of dressing-room scrutiny, I hadn't realized that the size L would be just a leeeeetle too low and drapey on the neckline, and also have armholes that were just this side of too large, and exposed my completely un-fabulous underthings. I realized that without a sewing machine, table, or pins, it was going to be a terrible idea to take up the neckline and armholes myself. Emergency layering plans must be made if I plan to wear it any time soon, and the real solution will be finding a tailor I trust to do these things for me.

And then, I looked at my favorite pair of ballet flats, and I was momentarily brought even lower by despair. My several-years-old Steve Madden gold peep-toes are torn up so badly on the heels that I'm fairly certain the soles will peel off this summer.

The flats, in better days. Note the lack of scuff marks!

These shoes are the most comfortable flats in the world, for real. My narrow feet exalt at the ankle strap, and they have never, ever induced a blister or cut into my toes or my heel. Thankfully, I was just able to make out the style name and size (I wear a crazy array of shoe sizes, even within the same brand- anything from an 8 to a 9.5 in varying degrees of narrowness), and to ebay I went.

Hallelujah! (Dollelujah!)
A very well-timed ebay auction had these very shoes! in my size! in both pewter and black. No gold, unfortunately, but not a bad catch for a several-seasons-past shoe. The internet might not be able to solve every problem I've ever had, but it's coming closer and closer all the time.


Anonymous said...

1. God, I love the internet. I just found the perfect black jumper (hey, we're still very much MID-summer here, thank you) for $17.80, free shipping. That bitch was $80! Hot.

2. Why are good tailors so hard to find?

3. Since I've nowhere else to stick it, I took that racist shooter game thing, and found out that whilst slow, I am pretty much not racist. It took me a little longer to shoot the white unarmed over black unarmed, but I feel that has everything to do with color contrast and inability to ID guns properly. Happily, I shot ALL armed dudes equally. Word.

Pls. dismiss this is you've no idea what I am talking about.

nadarine said...

I completely sympathize on the tailor search. Why, oh why, did I ever leave Minneapolis, where I had TWO fantastic tailors (one for alterations, one for custom work) within a half-mile? I had to break up with my first Cincinnati tailor this spring, and I had trauma today with the Bloomingdale's tailor. I KNEW I should have paid attention in 4-H.