see, I was not exaggerating about the shortness of that dress

Last night, for sushi and drinks with friends:

Navy blue supershort cotton dress with ruffles, Target; necklace, Etsy; shoes, Urban Outfitters.

I have no idea why my lower legs are glowing here. Good moisturizer?


Anonymous said...

The dress might be short but your legs look ultra-long! how tall are you?

nadarine said...

Thanks! :) I'm about 5' 9".

Katie said...

You look awesome,though! Your legs look great.

Since we're about the same height, I was imagining myself wearing this and the first description that came to mind was "doughy." You, however, look hot.

Ruth said...

yes, the cute cute ruffles compliment the length vaaaaary nicely, legsy mclegs.

Anonymous said...

Your legs are amazing! Maybe they glow because they know how hot they are.

Anonymous said...

ahhh! so freakin' cute. I was hoping to find it online, but alas, way, way, way too late. I was lucky enough to buy this the other day at Target, and it is DIVINE!! It's totally my birthday dress(not until nov.)!!!