deliberation smackdown: Flickr vs. Picasa

Flickr delivered some unexpected bad news this month: I am one photo away from filling up my free account. I'd conveniently forgotten that Flickr is only free up to a certain point, and hadn't shelled out the $25/yr for a Pro account because eh, who really needs all the albums and sets (and the ability to post on Wardrobe_Remix!) that one could ever desire? Apparently, I do.
Several friends have offered up Google's Picasa as a worthy alternative to Flickr (and free!), but I don't seem to be getting any answers from Picasa. Picasa's editing software is not available for Macs, which is highly inconvenient for me (iPhoto disappeared, and the copy of Photoshop I have is either incomplete and rarely functional, or Photoshop is simply the most confusing software I've ever worked with); Picasa's FAQ site indicates that I must run Internet Explorer (no!); other sources say Firefox will play nicely if you allow cookies; oh, the list goes on. But: it can sync up nicely with Blogger and Gmail and those other things that make life worth living.

I would very much like a photo-editing program that does some nice things. I would also like a photosharing website that allows albums, tags, privacy levels, and such. I need all of this to work with a Mac. Suggestions? Choruses of "just get the Pro account already and shut up about this"? Editing software recommendations?


Anonymous said...

how about another flickr account that continues from this one? A part 2 if you will. You do have posts from 2002, another account would be abother 6 years worth of free. Just a thought...

Melissa said...

After fighting with Picasa and its pokey, unreliable bits, I just sucked it up and paid the $25.